How to | gitbird

The Issue and the Fix

Let me tell you a story, a story of a young and successful entrepreneur. They've never given any marketing a thought. Yet, they're very successful!

The Issue

It has always been super tedious - as a single developer in your own start-up - remembering to turn all those neat little features, updates and bug-fixes, into a tweet.

You know the feeling; you're completely in the zone. So much coding / programming have been going on for the last couple of hours, heck, even days! Finally after the session ends, and you don't have any ideas left on how to fix that specific problem, or even better, you've fixed the problem completely! How do you remember what you made?

Great Git Standards

Well, luckily you're great with the standard of git, and remembers to commit all the time. After that new thing works, git commit! Now, I don't want you to get out of the zone you're currently in, thus a tool was born! I know the struggle, and so do you. Worry no more! has been born!

The Fix

"What is gitbird?" you may ask. Well, gitbird is not one single thing. It's an app. A website. Your new favorite little marketing helper! All you really need is a twitter account. In theory it's a twitter bot, but without the bot-part. You decide what and when - if even - to tweet what you have committed! It's as simple as that.

No need to fuzz around with the twitter api, nor any api keys! Heck, you don't even have to get a consumer key, nor an access token secret, or even create a new twitter account. The twitter app, gitbird, does it all for you! Fair and square. Easy peasy!

It works with github, gitlab and even bitbucket! Maybe more, who knows?! So what are you waiting for? Get to tweet that commit message! Which branch? Any ol' branch will do, the master branch, developer branch or anything betwixt. Even a new branch will do! All you need to have, is a git repository.


You might be saying: "Yes, that's all fine'n dandy, but how much do I need to download and install for this?" Well, all you have to do, is simply add a new web-hook - kindly provided by gitbird - and that's it! Really! Simply add that hook to the git repository, and gitbird will handle the rest! Even no `npm install`. To make it better, there is nothing to host either, no need to spin up a heroku master from the branch. We have it hosted, and free of charge of course! You don't even have to make a config js file, or something obscure like that.