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Github and Gitbird

The importance of marketing for any ol' project, be side- or main. You should always be marketing. The first is paid marketing, this is - by default - also the most expensive, as, it's paid. Second, be have the, in my opinion, best. The organic tweets from commit messages directly. Let's go more into depth of these two.

The free

First, we should always aim for at least one github repository (repo), second, we want a twitter account. These two steps are important for what we're trying to. Namely tweet or commits directly in our code-base.

Once we have the both of them, we need a way to connect the two. This is where gitbird come into play! All gitbird does for you, is simple, an easy job you might say. Though, a necessary one! Gitbird, in it's whole, provides a simple and powerful dashboard for any commits any of you and your developers has committed. If through github actions or a new commit.

We have the twitter account and github repository ready, now we need to sign-up with gitbird. To do this, we press the sign-up button in the top of this page. Next we're provided a token and a secret, these will be used for logging in, you will have to do this manually after signing up.

We are then met by a rather empty dashboard, this will be your marketers new favorite one. We see a webhook, along the lines of this we need to put directly into the source code of the github repo. Or rather, in the settings of our repository we find the webhooks-tab and navigate to it. Here we paste our newly found hook.

Once any (non-)developer pushes a new commit, we find the last single line commit message to be shown as a new tweet. This can be anything from a mere modification to a full blown new issue\-fix on our github kanban board. Or maybe even a new pull request. We could even create a new branch to tweet from only, thus making sure not every new collaborator gets mixed into our tweeting from gitbird.

With gitbird there if no need to create a github secret for any ci cd you might have. Meaning no need to manage large yaml files within your project, nor any environmental variables, there might be a ton in the project anyways.

Once we receive a such commit, gitbird receives it too. If you update the dashboard, you'd now see a new tweet. This can be tweeted out as a single tweet, through the twitter api, to a beautifully generated image with the tweets below it.

An example can be seen here:

The paid

This builds on the above method also. Because, once you have a couple of tweets in your history. Preferably tweeted from the gitbird app. This time we will make one - or more - of our tweets from earlier into paid promotion, this way we have the ability to not only make people see our tweet even with a low amount of followers, but also allow for the most necessary people to see our tweets.

The price

Oh, did I remember to mention that it is free for any open source project to tweet out to the open source community as well, as it's free from a closed source project to tweet out every customer it has.

The fun

A minor thing one might do, is to make github pages containing all and every tweet from your github project. Thus making it easier for people too find what they are seeking of information about you exactly!