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Tweet product updates to your twitter with every git commit you make

Let twitter users know what changes you’re making with every git commit you make
- tweet it, straight from the terminal. #TweetThatCommit

Get Started

How it works

It’s simple to set up, I promise.


Install our git hook



Commit with a message for your twitter users to see in a tweet

$ git commit -m "Initial launch" -m "Ready to #tweetThatCommit? We're almost done for the initial launch! 😍😇🤑"


That’s it. Your git commit message becomes a tweet for all of your twitter followers to see!

Ready to #tweetThatCommit? We're almost done for the initial launch! 😍😇🤑

Used by these awesome people

We hope to see you listed here one day! Check out their twitter profiles below and @ them in your tweets to get the conversation started!

Works with git providers

These are just some of the providers gitbird works with


Even though you don't see any prices here,
we'd love some support as this service in provided for free!

You can donate below, if you want. No pressure though.

I've provided two links, of which you can choose a way to donate. Either through coinbase or BMC

Make sure to tweet @gitbird and tell me what you think and if there’s anything you’d like to see in the future! I’ll see you on Twitter, “Git Birders”! 🤪